Hey Peeps!

I know it’s been quiet here on the blog and YouTube front lately. I’ve been keeping busy with my other filmmaking lives: That is, planning a couple different film shoots with my indie film company, Kissing Habit Films, and working with amazing local businesses to create videos in my freelance career, www.andreabeca.work.

Here are two videos I’ve created, showcasing Edmonton-based entrepreneurs:

If you’ve got a business you want to promote with a video, or if you’re looking to put together an online-based course that requires video, or if you need to capture a special event or presentation, etc., get in touch with me! I’d love to work together.

I’ve got a couple new YouTube videos in the works, including another edition of BANANADVICE (featuring a VERY special surprise guest), another edition of How to Be a Better Human, and a new ukulele video (once this cough goes away and my voice comes back!).

See you all very very soon!