Oh hi!

My friend Tito asked me for my honest opinion on his newest short film, The Good Survivor, which was funded by STORYHIVE‘s latest digital shorts competition, so I said yes and made it into a video.


  1. This video is a chatty film review. I get chatty.
  2. It also has a dog in it. Just in case you’re allergic.
  3. This review has SPOILERS. Don’t watch it before you watch THE GOOD SURVIVOR and then get all Internet-ragey at me about how I ruined it. Internet rage is so over – because I said so.

Really proud of this crew for putting together an entertaining and engaging short film. Make sure you visit the STORYHIVE website and watch all of the short films and vote! Support indie film!

I was up until 3am finishing this video, so this is all the words you get because words are really, really hard for my brain right now. Thank goodness I’m not a freelance writer for a living OH WAIT I AM OH MY GOD NOW WHAT.


P.S. Back to video-making and my somewhat regular posting schedule. There will be a new video in a couple days. I’ll explain my absence a bit.