My photo-365 – and the blog post I wrote about the experience – has received such an overwhelmingly positive response. Thank you to everyone who read through that whole damn post and reached out. It really means a lot to me.

I am so moved by everyone who has started a photo-365 this year and named me as an inspiration. We’re in it together now, and I hope that the experience is as positive for you as it was/is for me!

It seems my project made enough of a splash to catch the media’s eye. I want to extend a big thank you to Dez Melenka and CTV Edmonton for their interest in my project! I hope it might get others thinking about they ways they can appreciate each and every day of their lives, good or bad, eventful or “boring.”

Watch the CTV Edmonton segment by clicking on the photo:


A new photo-365 isn’t the only thing I’m working on this year. I’ll be back soon with some fun new content for you all…!