NATHAN! You made it, buddy!

Nathan was one of the first peeps to ask me to do a duet when I started this project almost a year ago. And since then, we’ve rescheduled about 82,479 times. But WE MADE IT!

This journey started when he proposed we do the theme song from “Portal” (a video game, nerds), but those chords moved way too fast for me (fucking synthesizers…) so we changed our mind and he suggested a song from Little Shop of Horrors, but I honestly didn’t know the song and couldn’t get much of a grip on it. You see, I hate musicals…except for a very select few. AND THIS IS ONE OF THEM.

You may recognize Nathan from Friends Without Benefits, and you should also watch his stand-up comedy here, because he’s great:

This was such a blast. And the video could have been 45 minutes long with all the fuckery we got up to. So you’re welcome!

Now I wanna do every song from Rocky Horror. Not enough weeks. Dammit!