It’s not every day you get together with a pal and sing about murder.

And we didn’t even know that’s what we were gonna do!

I’m happy to bring you Week 48 STILL ON TIME! This almost – ALMOST – got pushed back because of The Plague®. That’s right, my illness-that-I-was-told-was-strep-and-was-actually-a-viral-infection-and-has-been-haunting-me-for-4.5-weeks is still lurking and I didn’t have a voice most of this week. Luckily, it’s on its way out of my system and I could mostly sing by yesterday (Friday), so we could make this happen!

Carson’s so funny. He was nervous about singing and hot damn, he’s a great singer! We had a ton of fun with this one, especially after discovering that sweet, sweet Delilah is actually a “murder ballad.” Not creepy at all!

Shout out to my duet with Kandice:

And shout out to Apocalype Kow for the kazoos! Go to their website at or watch my duet with Devin: