July 2015

Week 47 – All of Me

Karen Unland, everybody!!

I was SO happy when Karen approached me to do a duet, because (A) she took a big leap out of her comfort zone to do so, and (B) I’m a huge Karen fan!

We’ve known each other for years and years, and are connected through so many lifelines, from her children going through my mom’s preschool program to Edmonton theatre to writing to Zumba classes to podcasts and more! She’s a person I am truly honoured to know, and I am very excited for her newest venture, Seen and Heard in Edmonton.

This song was written by Ruth Etting and first recorded in 1931. It has since been performed by tons of the greats, including Billie Holiday, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Benny Goodman, Willie Nelson, etc., etc., etc.


This was so fun. Enjoy!


P.S. Also mentioned in this video is the Unknown Studio podcast, created by my dear friend Adam Rozenhart and Scott C. Bourgeois. I’m a big fan, and am currently obsessing over Adam’s newest project, The Ex-Pats podcast. Check them both out.

Week 46 – Dr. Jones

This is what happens when I’m left to my own devices at the end of a long day/week/month/year/OMG.

So, my pal and I have rescheduled our duet of this song like, four times. And I’ve only been practicing duets. So I told him we’d better find a new song because I found a duet partner to take his place in this one…

By the way, I know the dude from Aqua doesn’t have a moustache. I was just trying to look manly, all right?!

(I think I was successful. Especially those pipes.)

My god, I’m a weirdo.

Further proof:

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 00.57.59



Week 45 – Friday I’m In Love

I don’t even know where to begin about how happy this week’s video makes me, or what a fantastic experience it was to work with Tony on a song again!

Before I forget, please imagine Tony shouting, “NO AUTOTUNE!” for the remainder of the time you’re reading this.

If you know me at all, you know I’ve always wanted to sing in a band. This afternoon spent with Tony, and the entire process leading to the final result, has been like a dream come true. I tried to play it cool so that he would still be my friend by the end of it. So far, I think we’re cool. (OMG GUYS IT WAS SO FUN! IT WAS FUN EVEN THOUGH I WAS STILL SO SICK WHICH MEANS IT WAS EXTRA SO FUN!)

Before I forget, shout out to Abbey the Labbey (dog) and Felicity the cat for their mad skillz.

It was also a very fun (and challenging!) time to edit this thing together. I’ve got a ton of editing experience under my belt, but this kind of music video thing was new to me and I loved it.

SO MUCH FUN. Thanks, Tony! You da best.


Week 44 – Panic


So, so excited he could join me for a duet, even if I have The Plague®.

My apologies for the occasional “blurry” sound on camera. It’s because I am sick and had a fan on behind the camera. I’m a filmmaker, so you’d think that I’d consider the noise as being a factor, but I’m a sick filmmaker, so leave me alone.



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