June 2015

Week 43 – Stop

I know I’ve said this before in this #ukuleleyear process, but WHAT A WEEK.


If you’re wondering, I remembered the hand dance without referring to the music video. Thank you very much.


Week 42 – You Know I’m No Good

Hey look who it is – 30 WEEKS LATER.

My, how time flies.

I will forever associate Amy Winehouse with my pal Kendyl because she rocked some karaoke on my last birthday.

Now I will also associate Amy Winehouse with Breakfast. And I will imagine him with a beehive.


Week 41 – Ignition (Remix)

There are so, so many things I love about this week’s duet with Kristina.

First of all, two of the whitest girls singing R. Kelly. ‘Nuff said.

Secondly, the fact that we nerd out about Derrida RIGHT BEFORE singing R. Kelly….I can’t even find the words.

These are two happy literary nerds right here, that’s for sure.


Week 40 – Ain’t She Sweet

Wow. 40 weeks. Seriously. I could have a baby by now! (Thank goodness I don’t!)

So, here’s my “this isn’t ‘Tip Toe Through the Tulips'” song: Ain’t She Sweet. It was written back in 1927 by Milton Ager and Jack Yellen. This song makes me giggle because it’s so damn cute, and it also satisfies a lot of requests I’ve received for The Beatles, since they performed it at one point (so did Frank Sinatra!).

Stay tuned for a super fun duet next week!


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