I guess it’s sort of hilarious that I joked it’s all downhill from here and I’m sick this week! (I promise to be healthy and vivacious next week, though I think I pulled off some liveliness!)

Thanks to my pal Kendyl for the song suggestion! It’s easy to get stuck in a bubble with only five artists in your brain when you do a song a week. I was feeling stumped, so I put a call out on Twitter and Facebook and got tons of great responses! Looking forward to tackling as many of them as possible.

Since it’s Thursday and I’m singing a song from 1961, I made this a #ThrowbackThursday and had some fun with editing. I also finally played with a little bit of layering and singing my own backups! (This is something I’ve been meaning to do since the start of my #ukuleleyear, but honestly, I just don’t usually have the time. Nothing like a sick day to give me plenty of it!)

Here’s Calendar Girl!