Since it’s Valentine’s week, I invited Vance back to do another duet with me!

You remember Vancey Pants (Terms of endearment in my world often end with the word “pants,” which is funny because I rarely wear them. Unless the term is referring to British pants. In that case, I have a pants obsession and I take pride in always wearing cute ones.) from Week 6, right? Here it is, just in case:

He was my first duet, and now he’s my first return duet! (Let’s not count Adam from Week 8 coming back, because he came back to do a trio – special in and of itself!)

Of course, we did a crazy romantic song. If not because it’s Valentine’s Day soon, then to further perpetuate the rumours that we are madly in love and involved in some sort of torrid love affair.

We did an English version, which I love. We did it because it’s pretty and also because as you will learn, we are terrible at French.

Finally, before I shut up for this week, Vance and I are curating the Dark Matters Film Festival. If you are in Edmonton and you like horror and sci-fi and science and wine, you should come.