This week, I was joined by my pal Tony Bao for a Christmas duet! We have the same haircut, we both play on a Gretsch, and we share a love of She & Him!

Tony is a pro, so for the first time ever, this song is fully recorded, mixed, and mastered! This was SUPER exciting for me. I’ve never really gotten to sing into a microphone for real (karaoke doesn’t count). For a girl who’s always dreamed of fronting a band, I have to admit, I nerd out every time I hear this track. So, HUGE THANKS to Tony for the opportunity!

(Also, yes, I also noticed that Tony didn’t sing on the track with me. FEAR NOT: we have some pretty spectacular future #ukuleleyear plans….eee!)

We talked about Truckstop Bloodsuckers (written by my BFF Lindsey and edited by Tony’s wife Sarah Taylor) – check it out here:…

We also chatted about Tony’s 52-week video project, which you can see here:…

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season! And stay tuned for a super fun New Year’s duet next week! xo