December 2014

Week 18 – What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

Who’s ready for 2015?!

You’re in luck! My dear friend Cat and I have pre-rung in the New Year for your entertainment! (Okay, maybe for our entertainment, too.) We tackled a classic song, “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” Enjoy! (Also, it’s a really tricky one to play, so please forgive my awkward pauses!)

In case you missed the link in the video, you can go to to get more info on Cat’s play, THE LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS.

Also, did you notice my amazing new watermark in the corner of the video? It’s me! Illustrated by my crazy talented pal Kendyl Lauzon! (Remember when we sang “Don’t Worry Be Happy” together? Week 12!) Check out her work (and her dog) on her Instagram:


I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve! Here’s to a phenomenal 2015!

Do you have any fun or interesting New Year’s resolutions? Comment below!


Week 17 – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

This week, I was joined by my pal Tony Bao for a Christmas duet! We have the same haircut, we both play on a Gretsch, and we share a love of She & Him!

Tony is a pro, so for the first time ever, this song is fully recorded, mixed, and mastered! This was SUPER exciting for me. I’ve never really gotten to sing into a microphone for real (karaoke doesn’t count). For a girl who’s always dreamed of fronting a band, I have to admit, I nerd out every time I hear this track. So, HUGE THANKS to Tony for the opportunity!

(Also, yes, I also noticed that Tony didn’t sing on the track with me. FEAR NOT: we have some pretty spectacular future #ukuleleyear plans….eee!)

We talked about Truckstop Bloodsuckers (written by my BFF Lindsey and edited by Tony’s wife Sarah Taylor) – check it out here:…

We also chatted about Tony’s 52-week video project, which you can see here:…

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season! And stay tuned for a super fun New Year’s duet next week! xo


Week 16 – La Bamba

It’s official – four months of #ukuleleyear DONE. Time has flown by. Eight to go!

I have NO idea why this song feels seasonal to me.


Also, this is just what happens when I’m tired, all right? NO APOLOGIES.

Next week’s duet is going to be SO special! I need to go practice right now because I definitely want to know the song better than I knew this one although I think I did really well with this one all things considered and also before I go practice next week’s song I think I’m gonna sleep because I can’t even ahdhehrjiwqhwagtasftqw.


Week 15 – Girlfriend in a Coma

How have I NOT done a Smiths song yet?!

Glad I fixed that problem! Thanks for the suggestion, Tony! So excited to see you soon (wink wink nudge nudge exciting duet coming up, folks)!

I know I’m biased, but aren’t my dogs the cutest?! I love them even though they’re shit disturbers and they bark while I’m trying to record my ukulele videos. Because THOSE FACES. ❤

Oh, and I promise there’s a Belle & Sebastian song coming soon! Their stuff is tricky to play, but I’m working on it!


Week 14 – I’m in Here

Hi! I’m weepy and bathed in accidental gold lighting! (Wtf?) Oh well!

I talked about a lot of things in this video, like Metro Shorts!

Watch “Blood Offering,” which won first place:

Also check out “SLASHER”:

And “Disturbance”:

And since she hasn’t uploaded her new stop-motion, check out all of Long Finger Films’ quirky shorts:

While I’m at it, allow me to promote my own indie film company, Kissing Habit Films. Watch my short films here:

I also talked about my upcoming project with Adam Rozenhart and Trent Wilkie! (Stay tuned – yay!)

Watch Adam’s weekly YouTube channel, “Just Adam Minute” here:

And visit Trent Wilkie’s brilliant new daddy blog, The Undad:

I was also trying to talk about the amazing time I had at the Royal Bison arts and crafts market on the weekend, but my video got way too long, so go to their website, and get your bum to Royal Bison again this coming weekend!


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