Remember how my boobs shrank?

SIDENOTE: I found the C cup and I fucking love it. Sometimes I’m still a D cup. Regardless. Smaller boobs FOR THE WIN.*

I guess it’s to be expected when you lose 100+ pounds.

You know what I didn’t expect?

My face to change.

I mean, of course I expected my face to get like, thinner or whatever. But two very distinct things happened. One I love. The other I really don’t.

LOVE: Dimples.


I got dimples. I don’t have any fantastic photos of them, but they’re pretty visible here.

Too cool. Never had those before. Always wanted something like dimples or freckles because I love both. Welcome into my world, dimples – I think you’re cute as hell.


HATE: Party on my Forehead.

Screen shot 2013-08-31 at 23.45.32


What the fuck is this shit?

Hey, forehead wrinkles – who invited you?

I used to be able to raise my eyebrows and still have a nice, smooth forehead. I’m not too thrilled that now when I raise my eyebrows, this happens. I guess because the skin on my face is a little less filled out now? Blerg.

SIDENOTE: Also officially have my first real wrinkle – you guessed it – on my forehead. It’s not the end of the world, but I’m irked, let’s just leave it at that.

I suppose this is why they use so many injectables in Hollywood. When you have a little extra fat in your face, you do look younger.

Stupid forehead.

Cute cheeks!

(I’m such a Libra.)


P.S. Happy Friday the 13th!


I’m gonna celebrate with a horror movie date – Insidious 2! – with my new friend Rachel. She has a blog, too. We met on a blind friend date. I should blog about that…

*All the guys reading my blog right now are either like, “Oooh, boobs…” or “…What the fuck is she on about today?”