Guys, I promise I’ll stop being like, super emo after today. Or I’ll try my best, anyway.

But I have to say, after the last couple days, even though I haven’t elaborated on anything going on in my life, I have gotten so many sweet, caring messages, some from people I would never expect to even notice me. And that really means a lot to me.

What have I learned from that?

(A) I know some pretty darn good people.

(B) Maybe I am pretty rad and likeable after all. (Haha.)

Thanks, guys.


P.S. If I were really cool, I’d wink and thank you with a winning smile, like this. But since I’m not, you can consider this a thank you anyway. And also, you’re welcome.


P.P.S. Shit, if I were that good looking, my ego would be UNSTOPPABLE. I wouldn’t thank anyone for anything. They’d have to thank me for existing. (/sarcasm) (sort of.)