This is a pretty girly post, but hey, if I’m impressed, I’m impressed.

The last time I went to Sephora, I got a 100-point “perk” – it was a liquid eyeliner from the Kat Von D collection.

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 10.00.21

I didn’t try it out for ages because If often run right from work to Zumba classes, so I tend to keep my makeup minimal, both for my skin’s sake, and so that I’m not crying black eyeliner tears by the end of class from sweating so much. (It happened a few times and it was NOT a good look for me.)

But yesterday I was in the mood for a sexy little cat-eye sweep of liquid liner, so I thought what the hell? I was already planning on having a night at home practicing choreography, so I figured I could really put the product to test.

This was me about five minutes into my workout:


And here I am after over an hour of Zumba and a pretty intense legs and bum workout:


Dripping wet, but the liner didn’t budge!

In fact, I rubbed it (not crazy hard, but enough) afterward and it still didn’t smear. I washed my face in the shower with face wash and after that I still had a bit of liner on.

There you have it.

That Kat Von D knows her shit. No wonder it’s called “Tattoo Liner.”


P.S. It’s also super easy to apply and it only costs $18, so it seems like a pretty good buy to me.