I like Instagram.

Mostly I use it to show off how ridiculously fucking cute my dogs are, but I’m the first to admit that I post lots of clothing-related selfies, too. Whatever, I like clothes a lot. And also, Emily McCombs got it totally right – it’s a good way to get fitting room feedback from multiple friends at once.

Lately, I’ve also had fun participating in Throwback Thursday, where you post an old photo of yourself.

Yesterday was Throwback Thursday. But I had also posted a couple of other photos, just randomly. I received a few comments on things, which led me to look at my own profile. When I saw this photo:


Right next to this one:


I learned that some things never change. (Like your face.)

I wish I could see baby photos of you all.


P.S. Also, I still get drool on my chin sometimes.

P.P.S. Thank goodness you grow into your ears, hey?