(Holy shit. 300 posts.)


Man, late 40s-early 50s.

Black denim, pastel polo shirt, open laptop. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Looks complicated, but he hasn’t touched it. Instead, he’s had six cigarettes in the last 60 minutes, and each has been accompanied by an obnoxiously loud phone call. Both of these bad habits take him outside to the sunshine.


Man, late 30s.

Khaki trousers and a button up shirt. Laptop open to work email. Had only sat down for 30 seconds before getting absorbed into a phone call that started with him shouting the whitest, “What’s up, Girl?!” I have ever heard. Had only looked at his laptop screen for another 30 seconds before running into an old friend and chatting for 30 minutes.


Man, late 30s.

Dark denim and a purple t-shirt. Headphones in, iPad open. Reading important news. Fidgeting. Scanning his surroundings. Talking to himself. Looking incredibly busy and important. Important things to do. Important things to read. He clears his throat and types animatedly. “Oh, good. Taken care of.” he hums to himself before shooting glances at everyone around him.


Man, 40s.

Light denim and a dressy polo. Laptop open to work…no, Facebook…no, work. Would be working if not for Facebook and three separate calls from his wife regarding the logistics of picking up their son at 4pm.


Woman, late 20s.

Trouser jeans, dressy sandals, and a striped t-shirt. Laptop open to WordPress. Rewarding herself for finishing one freelance gig and a successful work phone call with blogging and Twitter. Oh, shit.

Lesson learned: People don’t work at coffee shops. They “work” at them.

Gotta get out of here. Too much writing material.