I love that I’m about to post this on the Internet. I can’t wait for you all to judge me.

(Oh, wait…it’s day 279. I’m used to it.)

Okay, so today I was running some errands, and I had to stop at a pet store to re-stock on some treats/snacks for Oscar and Lucy.

Did you forget about my dogs, Oscar Wilde and Lucille Ball Beça? I sure hope not.

Some recent cuddles, to refresh your memory…

Oscar is my nurse on sick days.
Oscar is my nurse on sick days.
Cuddle Monster.
Cuddle Monster Lucy.

Anyway, there I was at the pet store when I saw another Boston Terrier! How exciting! I adore meeting other Boston Terriers, because they’re so sweet and funny. I like seeing how a lot of personality traits are inherent in the breed.

So there I am, petting this adorable little Boston, and what thought pops into my mind?

Well, in all fairness, my first thought was, “Aww, I can’t wait to get home and smooch my pups!

But my second thought was, “My dogs are cuter.”


I know, it’s rude. It’s weird. It’s like, not even relevant.

But don’t pretend you haven’t done it.


A couple months ago, one of my co-workers was puppysitting his childhood dog while one of his parents was out of town. The dog doesn’t live with him full time, so he was super excited about it. He came into my office and started showing me photos on his phone.

“He’s adorable!” I said. (And I was being honest! I think basically every dog is adorable. Or cat. Or bird. Or anything. I think we’ve discussed how I love animals way too much but not too much because how is that possible, and I right?!)

Anyway, my co-worker is weird (all of my co-workers are weird, it’s why I love them so much), so he looked up at a photo of my dogs on my bulletin board and he said, “Your dogs are really cute…but mine is way cuter. I mean, just look at his face!”

Speaking of rude and weird and irrelevant…

I laughed out loud. I LOLed IRL. (Whoa.) Not because I disagreed (I did), but because…well, okay, maybe because I disagreed, but also just because he said it. Who says shit like that out loud? Save it for your blog, buddy!

SIDENOTE: Do people do this with their children, too?

Today, as I relived this thought process at the pet store, I learned two things:

(A) Clearly love is blinding (and I think that’s an awesome and beautiful thing), and

(B) We’re all snobs.*


P.S. Just for the record, if I’m friends with you and your pets, I think they’re the cutest in the world, too, and basically that we’re all related. Like I refer to my BFFs as my dogs’ aunties, etc.

P.P.S. I may need professional help.

*Or I suppose the people who read this and go, “Oh yeah, I do that, too.” are snobs along with me.**

**No, you know what? If you read this and go, “WTF? Who is this girl?” then you’re lying. WE’RE ALL SNOBS.***

***We’re all snobs because love is blinding. See? The world is so fucking beautiful. Happy sigh.