Full disclosure: I totally didn’t/don’t feel like blogging today.

Of course, I have my days where I’m just like, “Seriously?! I’ve got better things to do!” and days where I’m like, “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO SAY.”

Tina Eye Roll

The truth is this: keeping this blog has definitely taught me that I do learn something new every day. Whether those things are things I want to share with the Internet, or whether those things are interesting enough to share with the Internet is another story.

At any rate, there it is. Today I’m not a huge fan of my own blog.

But I did learn something.

I went to the hospital this morning for my MRI. Like I said yesterday, I was lucky to not have to wait more than a few months for it, because the wait time can be 12 months or more. I was even luckier this morning because I got in to do the MRI like, 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Score.

My co-worker was right. It’s pretty claustrophobic, and it’s definitely a long time to hold still. What got me the most, though, was how fucking LOUD it is. The sounds were literally making me queasy after a while. I might as well have been lying on the street while someone jack-hammered an Andrea-shaped hole around me or something. So I wasn’t prepared for that, but I survived.

The lesson I learned is that an MRI, though uncomfortable and mildly stressful, is not as bad as a biopsy,* which I had done last month, and which was pretty gross. (Especially when I removed my own stitches after the fact.)

That’s all for today. Chatty Cathy over here, right?


*And a lot of other things I’ve had to do, and a lot of other things I’m lucky to have never needed to do.