Here’s the thing: I’ve never really thought about what an MRI is.

Maybe that seems crazy, but it’s not something that’s ever really applied to me. So I just assumed it was sort of like an X-Ray. -ish….

I suppose I should have assumed there was more to it than that, because the wait can be so long to get one. When a doctor prescribed me an MRI a few months ago, he told me it could be a year – or even longer – until I actually got it.

“Basically, you request it, and then you wait. And you wait. And then you wait some more. And after you’re done waiting…you actually wait more.”

(He was the one funny/nice doctor I’ve encountered in my stupid knee saga.)

I’m lucky that I didn’t have to wait a year, because my MRI is bright and early tomorrow morning.

“What are you up to this weekend?” one of my co-workers asked me when I left work on Thursday.

“Lots of Zumba teaching…oh, and I have an MRI for my knee.”

“Ugh! You have to get an MRI?!”


“Oh, they’re awful! I hate getting MRIs.”


“Yeah, they’re the worst!”


“Because you have to like, lie still, and it’s so claustrophobic and it’s loud and you can’t move and you have to lie on this like, hard plastic thing and not move and you’re just trying to breathe because it feels so tight and awful and loud and it always takes longer than they say it will.”


Guys, I totally never put two and two together that this is an MRI machine:


I’ve seen them on TV, in movies. I’ve thought, “Oog, what an uncomfortable experience thati must be.” But I’ve never added it up in my head that that = MRI.

So guess what I’ve been FREAKING THE HELL OUT ABOUT for the last three days?

Lesson learned: Sometimes it’s good to have no idea what you’ve signed up for. Because you’re gonna cross the bridge you have to cross when you get there.

Now, can someone else who’s had an MRI tell me it’s no big deal? I may not sleep otherwise.