You know when you’re walking down the street with friends or something, just doing your own thing, and you walk by another person or group of people and hear someone say something really cliched or just generally deplorable, like “OH EM GEE!” or “Represent!” or basically anything else that Schmidt on New Girl would say on a regular basis, and then you instantly judge them?

Like, you’d like to think you’re not a judgemental person, but when you hear it, you lose a grip on accepting everyone and the whole live and let live thing and you just hate that person for the 1-2 seconds you’re walking by them and then the 3-5 seconds you’re still thinking about that really stupid thing they said?

“What an idiot,” you think to yourself, “I’m so glad I don’t know anyone like that.”

Funny story.

My BFF Mags, her husband, and one of her friends, all came up to Toronto for a quick visit while I was there a couple weeks ago.

We went to the zoo:


(I think it’s funny we got a photo together at the zoo in front of something dead, but whales are sort of our thing.)

We checked out St. Lawrence Market:

SL Market

I tried on a big hat:

Big HatGood times were had by all.

After St. Lawrence Market, we decided what the hell, let’s just make today a market day, and we went to Kensington Market to have a look around.

This is all completely pointless to my story, but leave me alone, I’m setting the scene.

After some window shopping and a coffee, we were wandering down the bustling streets of Kensington market along with a large crowd of other people. I wish – I WISH – I could remember exactly what we were talking about. It was something undesirable. Maybe we were talking about how disgusting that one fish shop smelled? (It smelled DISGUSTING.)

Either way, the conversation drifted to something no one would want to do.

I turned to Mags, and with the most sarcastic, obnoxious tone of voice I could muster up, I said….

Wait for it…


It was the first time I had ever said it out loud. We all laughed at how awkward and stupid I sounded. I am hilarious, after all.

Approximately three people ahead of us, a guy about our age – somewhere between 25-30 – stopped walking and turned around. His neck was cranked so far to one side to get a look at me that the veins were bursting out of it. His face was scrunched with a monstrously tight combination of confusion, disgust, and hatred.

He GLARED at me.

I laughed and rolled my eyes and kept walking, along with everyone else on the sidewalk, so eventually, he had to keep walking too.

But he didn’t keep walking like a normal person. Suddenly his shoulders were hunched and his steps were laboured, as if he couldn’t even focus on walking while someone as deplorable as myself was in his presence.

The next 3-5 seconds of his day were ruined.

And that was the day I learned that maybe you shouldn’t judge all the “idiots” you walk by out of context, because maybe they’re being “idiots” on purpose.

Maybe we’re all “idiots.”

Or maybe I just want to cover my own ass, all right?