So there’s some major construction going on one building over from where I work. It means that in order to get to my office, I need to walk through a wooden tunnel/pedway thing. At the end of the pedway, there are a few benches I do a bit of a U-turn around to get into my building.

This pedway has been in place since I started my job back in November, but as the weather has gotten nicer, boy, has it heated up.

And not in a good way.

“Hey, baby!”


The construction workers used to just stare, which I hated anyway. Now it seems the sunshine has brought the chattiness out of them.


Honestly, catcalling has always shocked me into silence. It’s not something I’ve experienced too many times, but my reaction has always been to avoid contact and keep walking.

Mind you, the catcalling I’ve experienced in the past has been from guys driving by in cars or standing across the street. There was distance. Last week, as I reached the end of the pedway, a construction worker sitting on one of the benches less than six feet away from me looked at me and said, “Heeeey.”

I ignored him and turned to go into my building.

“Ooooh, yeah, that’s NICE.”

It took everything in me not to turn back and look at the jackass making comments at me. Instead I had to watch him watch me run up the stairs to my floor in my sunglasses-covered peripheral vision.

What the fuck?

“Really?! I thought that only happened in movies!”

That’s what the two men I mentioned this to said.

“Oh, when that happens, I just scowl as much as possible.”

That’s what one of my closest girlfriends said today, when I told her what was going on.

I wish it just happened in movies, guys. On the plus side, it makes me happy that those two guys were so appalled, because it means that lots of guys would never dream of catcalling. On the other hand, though, it makes me crazy that my BFF immediately rolled her eyes like it was all too familiar.

If I have learned anything from the catcalling over the last couple weeks, it is this:

(A) I have no idea what these men are trying to accomplish.

(B) I have no idea how to deal with it.

Do I scowl? Ignore them? Swear at them? Try to reason with them?

It’s super uncomfortable and ridiculous that this is something I’m now worried about when I make my walk to the office. What a drag.