Here’s something I learned last night: don’t watch Girls right before you go to bed. Especially not the end of a season, or better yet, the end of the last season that aired.

SIDENOTE: There may be some minor spoilers in here. Get a grip.


Because here’s why:

  • It’s generally a little depressing. Look, say what you will about Girls – I know some people love it and some people hate it – but regardless of their financial situations or level of spoiled-ness, the relationships between the friends on that show are pretty real. You know that moment Marnie and Hannah are talking and they’re lying blatantly about where they’re at and you can feel the distance growing? Yeah, that. Been there. Wanted to ugly sob. Held it in.
  • Hannah is such a crazy writer, right? Yeah, I feel that way, minus the counting. Sometimes the sheer amount of words and noise in my head is so loud that I literally can’t look people in the eye. I forget that’s not normal. It’s probably very not normal, so let’s keep that between us, okay? Okay.
  • All of the girls on Girls drive me crazy, but also, I identify with every single one of them. Hannah and her fucked up relationship with Adam; Marnie’s weird, “I’m your girlfriend” moment with Booth; Shosh’s general uncertainty; and Jessa’s general unsettled state of being.

So yeah, try watching all of that and then lay in bed in silence and try to go to sleep.


Have you experienced Girls-induced insomnia? Can we talk about it?