I’m in the last couple days of my trip to Toronto, which means that I’ve been digging to the bottom of my tiny little suitcase in haphazard attempts to put outfits together.

It’s crazy hot here, so I didn’t pack any pants, just dresses. And it’s summer, so I didn’t pack any plain dresses. I brought out the florals and the polka dots. The loudest of my dresses, I would say.

And then I packed these:


My polka for leggings.

In what world do polka dot leggings this loud go with a floral? I’ve tried – I’ve tried so hard – but it’s not working. And unless I want to pair them with my polka dot dress and walk around Toronto looking like wallpaper, they will sit in my suitcase for the remainder of this trip, taunting me with their cuteness.

Damn you, polka dot leggings.

Lesson(s) learned:

(A) Polka dot is not always a neutral. (It kills me to admit that.)

(B) Don’t procrastinate when you pack because you won’t end up with outfits.

(C) I may need to go shopping today. (OH NOES!)