You know how they say that people and their dogs tend to look alike or act similar or whatever? (Look, I’m on a plane as I type this – I can’t Google it to find out the exact phrase. Cut me some slack.) I started thinking about it the other day and it’s totally true.



Food Love

Books about Boston Terriers warn that sometimes the breed doesn’t know when to stop eating because they love to eat so much.

Get the right food in front of me and I’m the exact same way.

Temperature Sensitive

Boston Terriers are a very temperature sensitive breed. They like mild weather, and it doesn’t take much in either direction for them to be uncomfortable. Overly hot temperatures are unbearable to them, and can even cause significant damage to their systems.


I’ve always said my favourite seasons are autumn and spring. Moderate temperatures are my best friend. And I’m fairly certain that a little piece of me died yesterday when it was 34 degrees, but felt like 42 with the humidity. Especially when I had to teach an hour of Zumba in a tiny upstairs classroom with no AC…

Big Eyes

Boston Terriers have big eyes. They’re kind of notorious for it, and I think that a Boston currently holds the record for the biggest dog eyes.

I have also been told I have huge eyes. I use them to do pretty spot-on impressions of my dogs’ faces.

Cuddle Bugs

Boston Terriers LOVE to cuddle.


I love to cuddle.

High Energy

Boston Terriers also have crazy high energy and like to bounce around.

I am a Zumba instructor!

(I know, this is getting weird, right?)


Boston Terriers are known for having a bit of an obsession with mouths. They just love giving kisses.

Kissing is one of my favourite pastimes.

Gluten Intolerance

This isn’t a breed thing. Well, it sort of is because they say that no dog does well with wheat, but Oscar and Lucy are totally intolerant.


Lesson learned: I may be part Boston Terrier. Or maybe my dogs are part human. Regardless, the saying is true.