No word of a lie, every single taxi ride I took in Ireland went one of two ways.


TAXI: Are you Canadian or American?

ME: Canadian.

TAXI: Canadian! Brilliant! I love Canada! I’ve got family in Toronto – are you from Toronto?

ME: Aw, no, I’m from a city called Edmonton. Much further west.

TAXI: It’s a beautiful place.

ME: It’s a great country, for sure.

TAXI: You know who I love?

ME: Who’s that?

TAXI: Celine Dion.

ME: Oh, nice.

TAXI: Do you listen to Celine Dion?

ME: Yeah…totally….

TAXI: Such a talented one.

ME: Absolutely.



TAXI: A Canadian!

ME: Yes! I am!

TAXI: I love Canada! What part? I’ve got family in Vancouver.

ME: I’m from Edmonton? It’s east of Vancouver.

TAXI: Ah, I see. Near Calgary is it?

ME: Yes, very close.

TAXI: Have you been to Vancouver?

ME: I love Vancouver.

TAXI: It’s just gorgeous there. Just gorgeous.

ME: Absolutely. Can’t beat the combination of mountains and the ocean, right?

TAXI: Cannot. Just cannot.


TAXI: You know who I love?

ME: Who’s that?

TAXI: That Shania Twain.

ME: Ah, yes.

TAXI: Voice of an angel, that Shania Twain.

ME: She’s very talented.

TAXI: Do they play her on the radio all the time in Canada?

ME: She’s very popular, for sure.

TAXI: Oh, Shania. Voice of an angel.

So that’s when I learned that the Irish (A) all have family in Toronto and Vancouver, and (B) have great love for Canadian songstresses.

Happy Canada Day, everyone.