Remember these?, the Spice Girls Barbie dolls. I had them all. I collected them in grade six, while I was also training to be a replacement Spice Girl, should the need arise. (Sadly, like Tobias waiting on the Blue Man Group, I never got the call.)

At first I think the plan was not to even take them out of the box. But COME ON. Like that would ever happen. I wanted to play with them! I wanted to touch their hair! I wanted to make Baby Spice wear Scary Spice’s clothes just to see what would happen! I was living on the edge!

(Oh, to be a 12-13 year old in the late 90s vs. now…)

Then I guess I got either extra bored with the Spice Girls Barbie dolls, or extra bold with them. Because I decided it was time to give them makeovers.

Yes, I eventually “destroyed” all of the Spice Girls.

Look, there’s no reason to even ask “why?” at this point. I don’t remember what was going through my head. I was a dumb kid and I had an obsession with cutting every Barbie doll’s hair. Also, the seventh grade really sucked for me, so I was probably working through some issues, too. Regardless, I did it. It’s done. The Spice Girls Barbie dolls are no more. I’m over it.

But my mom is not.

At least once a week, when I’m brainstorming blog posts, or even just sitting at my computer, my mom turns to me and says – in an overly casual tone – “Have you blogged about how you destroyed your Spice Girls dolls yet?”

“No,” I say back, “And you’ve got to stop asking me about it. My god. I get it! I GET IT!”

Lesson learned: If you destroy a collectable, your mom will never let you live it down.


It’s not like they’re The Beatles!