Driving through the rain today, I had a total flashback moment.

When I was doing my master’s in Glasgow, I was often stressed. I guess it makes sense. I was definitely overwhelmed by the full-year, non-stop program, on top of the challenges associated with living halfway around the world by myself and all that.

After I moved into my nice flat, I developed a bit of a weekend routine. Every weekend, I tried to give myself at least a few hours of “Me Time.”

SIDENOTE: I hate the phrase, “Me Time.” It makes me picture a stereotypical sorority blonde eating bon-bons and getting a pedicure or something. And she would totally be the dick talking way too loud on her mobile while getting the pedicure, too. You know she would.

Then again, my “Me Time” was kind of stereotypical.

I would walk the half-block to one of many shops by my flat, where I would buy the following:

A Fry’s Chocolate Cream bar:


(Vegan, oddly enough.)

And the latest issue of HEAT Magazine:


(A.K.A. Trash.)

And then I would go home, sit, and work my way through both, savouring every moment.

Usually, it was raining. Sometimes I’d sit right by an open window so that I could hear and smell the rain while I flipped through page after page of horrible celebrity gossip, most of which was about celebrities I had never heard of. (Though I got way too familiar with Jordan/Katie Price in my 18 months in Glasgow, so if you have any questions about her, I’m your Canadian Katie Price ambassador.)

In addition to the rainy day, while I was running errands, I actually discovered a store that sells Fry’s Chocolate Cream bars here in town. Where Canada is lacking, though, is in the shitty magazine department. No one’s got anything on HEAT.

Those quiet moments I had in Glasgow are something I remember frequently. Thinking about that “Me Time” today made me smile and filled my heart with warm gooey nostalgia. So I guess today I learned (see: re-learned) that it really is the little things – the small moments – that stick with you and make a place the place it is to you. The place no one else can have.