I woke up this morning and I could feel every muscle in my body. I’ve never been able to identify each separate muscle in my shoulders and upper back, but today I could. I can. I expect I’ll feel them for a couple days.

Yesterday, a few friends and I went wall climbing for the first time!

Climbing 1

We didn’t know that if we arrived in the final two hours of the day, we wouldn’t be allowed to learn and use the ropes, so we ended up free-climbing up to about seven feet (and then attempting to move along the walls horizontally, which was crazy challenging!). That may not sound very high, but I have to say, being 5’4″, seven feet up feels insanely high. Not to climb to, but to fall from, which luckily, none of us did.

Climbing 2

The amount of upper body strength you need is pretty intense. I would have never been able to climb before strength training. Even so, after about 45 minutes, our bodies had all had enough; we couldn’t even pull ourselves up anymore. And I think I can speak for all of us when I say we felt it most in our hands. If I were to make climbing a regular thing, I’d focus on grip strength!

I definitely want to go again and try climbing with the ropes. The fear of falling stopped all of us from being too adventurous. It would be awesome to be able to go higher without worrying so much.

Also, next time I go, I won’t go in the same day I’ve taught a Zumba® class and taken a Pilates class. Maybe a little much for the muscles.

Climbing 3

Lesson learned: wall climbing in crazy fun and crazy hard! (See also: trying new things is good for the soul!)