A couple months ago, I was out to dinner with my BFF Louise and I was telling her about a fling I had. Up until this point, she didn’t have any details about the guy, aside from the fact that he was quite a bit older than I.

“All right, spill it.”

“Okay – ”

“Wait, can I just say, that up until this point, every time you’ve talked about this guy, I have pictured you with Anthony Bourdain?”


“Yeah, totally. Older sexy guy. In my mind, you’ve been hooking up with Anthony Bourdain. 100%.”



And I have to say, with that 20-second conversation, I learned something. I’ve gotta stop selling myself short.

Because in my mind, I was like, “As if he would!” but I could score Anthony Bourdain, right?




P.S. One of those photos is called “Tony_Bourdain_horizontal.jpg.” My first thought was, “Yeah, totally.”