Last night, I was having a much needed night in and I saw that Adventures in Babysitting was on TV.

“What a great opportunity to catch up on one of many 80s movies I missed during childhood!” I thought to myself.



Worst. Movie. Ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a little 80s nostalgia when it’s done well. I can get into the whole “righteous!” lingo and all that. The clothes. The hair. And so on.

SIDENOTE: Honourable mention to the little girl’s love of Thor, and to Vincent D’onofrio for playing Thor with his rocking young body. Dishonourable mention to the constant “homo” references. And the rest of the movie.

I just could not get into it.

I could see how I might have found it crazy exciting if I had watched it when I was 10, but boy, it didn’t age well.

I learned the same lesson when I was snowed in with my BFF Mags in Chicago and we decided to watch Pretty in Pink


Some movies just cannot be truly appreciated after their time.


P.S. “Some” is the key word there, because after Adventures in Babysitting finished, Stand By Me started, and that’s still a fantastic film.

Maybe it’s just that strong writing lasts.