Here’s another confession.

You know the Seven Year Itch?


I get it. Except with jobs. And it takes exactly six months.

I had never really thought about numbers before. But in the last couple weeks, I’ve hit a bit job slump, and when I started to do the math, I realized that I’m pretty predictable.

It doesn’t even have to do with the job itself. I mean sure, I’ve had shitty jobs that I’ve finally taken the plunge to quit after six months, but I’ve also had lots of jobs I’ve actually enjoyed that I’ve left after six months.

I seem to hit a bit of a monotony wall. I start a job and everything is new. It’s a bit stressful trying to learn the ropes and do things properly and well. After a couple months, I sink into a bit of a routine. It becomes comfortable. I feel capable, like I know what I’m doing. I get to know my coworkers better and feel like I fit in, even just the slightest bit.

Then the routine becomes a routine. Then I feel like those people at the beginning of Shaun of the Dead. You know the ones.* They’re zombies, but they’re alive. They’re sitting on the bus, going to the same place they go every morning to repeat the day they have every day and then go home and sleep to do it all over again the next morning.

I know I’m lucky because I have variety in my life. I have three jobs that are very different from one another to keep me pretty damn busy. But I can feel the routine sinking in at my office job. The, “Oh, here I am at my computer for the next eight hours again. Great.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to quit my job. I don’t even dislike it. I love my job. I’m crazy lucky to have it. I know all of those things.

I just hate sitting still. My heart is in another city/other cities doing other things.

But if I’ve learned anything from this current experience and looking back on all of the past ones, it is all of these things:

(A) I’m clearly soul-connected to Jack Kerouac (because I’d rather be moving than staying in one place),

(B) I’m a commitment-phobe (we’ve been through this),

(C) Sometimes you need to recognize the patterns in your life and break them (this is important to me on so many levels), and

(D) ANDREA. You have two degrees and you got one of them overseas. You are living under a painfully large pile of debt. Shut up. Do your job. Focus on your passions. Good will come of it.

Right? Right. (…Right?)


P.S. How do I spice up my relationship with my job, guys? (I’m not allowed to wear costumes to work, so…)

*If you don’t know the ones because you haven’t seen Shaun of the Dead, I’m willing to press ‘pause’ on our friendship for like, 48 hours so you can watch it. Otherwise, we’re breaking up. Sorry.