Confession time.

I’m vegan, as well as gluten-free, and while I don’t feel like I live a “deprived” life at all, I’m well aware that most people would see it that way, and that according to a sort of standard North American diet, I don’t eat anything.

And yet, I am obsessed with food television.


Seriously. I love it.

SIDENOTE: Original Iron Chef FTW!


Iron Chef, Top Chef, Masterchef, Donut Showdown – I like them all. I have no desire to eat any of the stuff – a lot of the time I am downright puzzled and/or grossed out by it – and yet I find myself glued to the TV watching things like Come Dine With Me and Restaurant Impossible.

SIDENOTE: Okay, sometimes I could go for a donut, but that’s what Babycakes is for.

I wish I could explain it, but I can’t.


And Gordon Ramsey.

Dammit, Gordon.

I don’t want to like you. Especially when you go on and on about how being veg is stupid and try to actively convert people to eating meat.

I don’t want to like you, but I CAN’T QUIT YOU.

And yeah, I wait for the shirtless scene in every damn episode of Kitchen Nightmares.*

Lesson learned: Gordon Ramsey Food television is my kryptonite.

(Fine. FINE. So is Gordon Ramsey.)


*Not a staple in the American version, unfortunately, but there’s one in EVERY SINGLE British episode.