One day, probably about a month ago, I was at work and my boss came over to tell me something. I have to admit, I love chatting with my boss. He’s so incredibly different from me, and he’s had such an interesting life in a completely different world than the arts-based bubble I’m used to. When he actually sits down in the chair at the end of my desk, I know it’ll be a good one, because he’s settling in for at least a few minutes.

(My boss is crazy busy. I don’t know how he stays sane with all the people who want/need his attention every single day.)

Anyway, you don’t need to know what we talked about. All you need to know is that the conversation shifted to be about one scientist in particular, and then my boss uttered the following words:

“And you know, for a physicist, he’s a really nice guy.”

Maybe I’m spending too much time with chemists, but I’ve gotta say, that cracked me the fuck up.

That was the day I learned that no matter what field you work in, there’s always a category of people who are known for not being the most agreeable/humble/talented/etc.

The people who make you go:

Eye Contact

Who makes you go, “For a _____________, (s)he’s really cool!”?