A random fact about me: I hate the phrase “Bucket List.”


I’ve never really thought about why it’s called a Bucket List, but now I’m assuming it’s because you’re supposed to complete everything on the list before you kick the bucket?

SIDENOTE: The only positive about “Bucket List” is that every time I hear it, I think of Stanley Tucci from Easy A, and Stanley Tucci is a dreamboat.


Anyway, despite my dislike of the term, I do have lots of random goals in life. Here are a few of them:

Learn How to Box.

Yes. I would like to box. Not really against people. I mean, I think it would be fun to box against someone, but definitely not to get boxed back. This is a goal I’m getting close to. I think I’ll be starting lessons in the next couple weeks!

Visit Africa.

My family is from Mozambique. I would like to go see where my parents lived when they were kids! I think that sums it up pretty well. Also, despite the fact that I don’t swim, the beaches there look unreal.


Like, how does that water exist?!

Become a Roller Derby Girl.

Yup. I’ve always wanted to be on a roller derby team. I feel like I could kick ass at it…if I could stay off my ass. On the ground. After falling.

Learn the Following Languages: French, Japanese, German, Italian, Swedish.

There are others, too. I’ve just always been obsessed with languages. I can speak Portuguese and Spanish, but I want to be fluent in like, a handful of languages. Or more.

Run a 5K.

I don’t actually like running, but I just want to do it to say I have. I know I have more than enough cardio capacity. My concern would be whether I have the attention span for it, because I personally find running to be extremely boring. (No offense to runners – to each their own!)

© Sam Saccone 2008

Attend a Hollywood Film Premiere…For My Own Film.

One of my ultimate writing goals. Get one of my screenplays produced by some Hollywood bigwig. How fucking crazy would that be? I’d probably cry the whole time. (Like, the whole time: when they’re casting it, while they’re filming it, looking at the posters, attending the premiere…)

See More Canada.

Canada is a big country. I am from here, but I’ve seen very little of it. Mostly because it costs more to fly to the Maritimes than it does to fly to say, London, or France. I want to see more. Especially the Maritimes.

Road-Trip Across North America.

Related to that, I have always wanted to drive across North America. I love to drive. I love to see things. Small towns freak me out. It’s a perfect combination! Plus, I read On The Road. And everything else from all those guys/gals. I would make one of my goals, “Be a Member of the Beat Generation,” but I’m trying to be somewhat realistic here. Also, I don’t do drugs.


Sing in a Band.

I love to sing. And I know I’m pretty good at it. I’ve played bass in a band (for like, two seconds), but I’ve never gotten to be the singer. Somebody recruit me!

I’m going to leave it there for now…

Lesson learned: Life is too short. But I’m going to try my best!

What are your random goals? (If you want to use the term Bucket List, I won’t hold it against you.)*


*But I will cringe just a little.