Let me tell you a little story about where my last name came from.

If you’re already sitting there rolling your eyes going, “Oh, riveting,” in a sarcastic tone of voice, move right along. This is the sort of shit that excites me. Deal with it.

Bird Flip

Okay, so my last name, Beça, is Portuguese. The ‘ç’ is pronounced like an ‘s,’ so my last name sounds like, “beh-sah,” or, “bessa.” (That’s where ‘contessabessa’ comes from.)

But if you trace the history of my last name way, way back, it apparently doesn’t come from Portugal, but Spain. And Spanish doesn’t use the ‘ç’ like Portuguese does. So the Spanish version of my last name, from ages past, is “Baeza,” pronounced, “bai-eh-sah.”

So I can’t remember the exact circumstances, but this one day, a number of years ago – I’d guess 2005 or so – I learned that there was a Canadian tattoo artist named Andrea Baeza. “Whoa,” I thought to myself, “She’s like me, but not.”

I did what any creepy and/or overly curious person would do and I looked her up. We even had some similar features/body characteristics.


And then, a few years later – in 2009 – I met her.

I didn’t even mean to meet her. I was at my tattoo shop getting a tattoo from my talented friend, Aza, when this girl walked by. She looked familiar, so I asked my friend who she was. “Oh, that’s Andrea. She’s in from Vancouver [?] for a few days and she’s tattooing here.”


“Is that Andrea Baeza?” I asked him.


And then I explained to him that she and I had the same name, only history had separated it. She was like some sort of parallel universe me.

(Now that I’m writing it down, guys, I realize I may have gotten a little too excited about the whole thing. But it’s kind of cool, right? RIGHT?!)

“Weird. You should meet her.”

He called her over to say hello. I explained the name thing, trying not to sound like a total loser, but probably not breathing enough and definitely secretly hoping she’d find it as interesting and exciting as I did.

“Hmm. Cool.” She said. And then she went on with her day.

With totally good reason. I mean, what was I expecting? A giggly freakout?

Yeah, I think I sort of was. But I also get excited when people know how to use the subjunctive, so I’m well aware that I’m a special case.

That was when I learned:

(A) I need to get out more (still working on it), and

(B) I’m a nerd. A super-nerd.


P.S. I’m well aware that Andrea Baeza is like, two degrees of separation from me on social media, so Andrea, if you ever read this, I’m sorry. And I think you’re cool and talented. And I just want you to LIKE ME.