And then my boss turned to me and said, “No, no, we did get separate cheques.”

I looked at the receipt again, then back to him.

speechless genie

“I’m sorry?”

“That was my dinner. We all paid that amount.”

I made an active decision to play it cool.

“Oh, okay, sounds good. I’ll take care of the paperwork this afternoon.”

Even though on the inside I was like:


As my boss walked away, I looked at my 19-year-old co-worker and mouthed the words, “THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS.”

Because guys, I don’t even have $300 in my bank account right now. In fact, I just checked, and until my next pay day, I have $185.69 in my chequing account. Which is somehow supposed to cover my automatic-debit payments for car insurance and student loans on the 31st.

SPOILER ALERT: That’s not enough to cover my car insurance and student loan payments.


So that was the day I learned that I’d better:

(A) Get famous so that I can afford $300 dinners in the future, or

(B) Marry rich.


P.S. For the record, this is in no way a judgement on my boss. He’s totally rad and I love my job.

P.P.S. Are you a single surgeon and/or movie star? Call me.*

*I was gonna say something totally lewd there as a joke, and then I remembered my mom reads my blog!