So this weekend I went on a bit of a whirlwind road trip to take a Zumba® training course in a nearby city. Luckily the roads had cleared up after a crazy snowstorm just a couple days ago, so it was pretty smooth sailing.

We had to leave sort of late in the afternoon on Saturday, so we didn’t get to our destination until about 11pm. We were all tired, ready for bed and a very early start the next day.

When we walked into the lobby of our hotel, I was immediately a little thrown off. The guy standing behind the desk was wearing very casual clothing – so casual that I wondered if he worked at the hotel, or if he had just snuck behind the counter to get up to something.

And then he lived up to every single one of my mean/judgemental inner thoughts.

My BFF Jo gave her name for the reservation.

“Oh, I thought you must be Jolene. And what a beautiful name it is.” said the Creepy Hotel Guy in an overly “sultry” tone.

I looked at Jo, then to her boyfriend fiancee Chris, then at the Creepy Hotel Guy, who was looking lecherously at Jo, and then back at Jo, who gave me an, “I know, gross” look.

We tried to make a swift exit.

“Have a great sleep,” said CHG in a slimy whisper, “and don’t forget, it’s Sunday tomorrow. There’s free wine and/at church.”

He stared at us with a plastic smile. I – for some UNKNOWN reason – felt the need to clarify/fill the awkward silence.

(I didn’t want to be rude lest he come up and murder us in our sleep.)

“Free wine at church?”

“Mmm, yes.”

“We’re gonna be out of here really early.” Jo interjected, completely deadpan. (God, I love her ability to be deadpan when it really counts.)

And CHG said something in his totally inappropriate, sing-songy, breathy  tone, except I was running for the elevator, so I didn’t catch it.

It was a weird night, with zero sleep, and a lot of loud BANGS in the night that startled the hell out of me.

Where WERE we, the Overlook?
Where WERE we, the Overlook?

Lesson learned: the Regency in Calgary may be run by a cult. Or maybe it’s just haunted and that dude was a ghost. I can’t confirm anything at this point.


P.S. Didn’t try the free wine. I’m sure it was deadly good.