It’s Pi Day today.


Because it’s March 14, A.K.A. 3/14, or 3.14, which is pi.

Guys, I’ve heard about Pi Day for ages, and it took me until approx. 1:30pm yesterday afternoon for it to click why Pi Day was on March 14.

And no, it wasn’t explained to me. It just sunk in gradually over the years (I’m assuming) and then, like a switch flipping, suddenly made sense.

Before you judge me – and I’m not saying you shouldn’t, because I would be judging me too right now – just remember that until recently, pi didn’t really factor into my life.

I was an arts student working in the arts and creating art. Art, art, art. That was good, but also, I spread myself a little art-thin and got a little sick of art, especially the art I felt “forced” to do at work. Now I’m an arts student working in the sciences and getting to focus all of my passion on my preferred art: creative writing.


Anyway, working in the sciences is pretty funny (and amazing). At least once I day, I stop and think, “This is my life! Who would have thought?”

I think I sort of understand what molecular junctions are, and this book was on my desk yesterday:

I had to copy equations out of it. I had NO idea what the equations meant.
I had to copy equations out of it. I had NO idea what the equations meant.

I also get to have hilarious conversations like this:

ME: What are you working on there?

CO-WORKER: Homework.

ME: What is it?

CO-WORKER: Chemistry. See, I just have to akdghwbefiygajbvuqyfwdjgdvsbbnxauydfjahvdjhadj, and then here –

ME: Wait, can you go back and explain that other part? I didn’t get it.

CO-WORKER: Well, that’s what I’m trying to do, but it’s clearly not working.


CO-WORKER: I didn’t mean it like that!

ME: You totally called me stupid! That’s hilarious!

And this:

CO-WORKER: What are you reading?

ME: It’s one of Chelsea Handler’s books.


ME: Chelsea Handler? The comedian?

CO-WORKER: I have no idea who that is.

ME: She has a talk show, Chelsea Lately?

CO-WORKER: (blank stare)

ME: It’s on the E! Network?

CO-WORKER: (blank stare)

ME: I feel like you’d know her if you saw her.

CO-WORKER: Yeah, maybe.

ME: Oh! She sort of looks like Elizabeth Banks.


ME: Elizabeth Banks? She was just in Pitch Perfect?

CO-WORKER: (blank stare)

ME: Uh, Hunger Games?

CO-WORKER: Oh. Maybe.

And this:

CO-WORKER: I have to write an essay for my English class.

ME: Cool!

CO-WORKER: Are you joking?

ME: No, I think it’s great you’re gonna write an essay! What does it have to be about?

CO-WORKER: I don’t know. It has to be persuasive. What does that mean?

ME: It means you’ve got to convince your reader of your point of view.

CO-WORKER: What a nightmare. It has to be so long!

ME: How long?

CO-WORKER: Like, 750 words!

ME: (uncontrollable laughter)


ME: When I was in university, our short papers were 4,000 words!

CO-WORKER: Holy shit.

And also, people in my office actually talk about pi sometimes.

It’s pretty cool.

So you know what? Happy Pi Day! I hope it’s both delicious and educational!

Lessons learned:

(A) It’s kind of crazy how much life can change with one little workplace switch.

(B) Everyone’s got such a different life story.