I’m not much of a wedding girl.

Like, I’m not one of those girls who has been planning their wedding since they were five. In fact, I’m twenty six and I still haven’t thought about it. And brides on TV shows terrify me (but I still watch some of the shows because they scare me), and so does the idea of a Disney wedding.

Some of the dresses are pretty - it's the idea of wanting to be a Disney Princess that freaks me out.
Some of the dresses are pretty – it’s the idea of wanting to be a Disney Princess that freaks me out.

So when I’m at a party or in some other social situation where someone I don’t really know well and/or care about is talking about being engaged or planning a wedding or what their wedding was like, I’m like, “Okay, moving along, next subject, blah blah blah” in my head.

But then in the last few years, people I love started getting married.

It started with my BFF Louise in 2009. I was lucky enough to be able to attend her wedding literally four days before I moved to Scotland. At the time, we were still relatively new friends, but let me tell you, I could not stop crying. Louise looked so incredibly beautiful, and she was so happy, and I had the honour of being her wedding DJ and pressing ‘play’ on the song she walked down the aisle to. Shut up, right? It was amazing. I still feel all weird when I think about it.

(Good weird.)

I would talk about all of the gorgeous weddings in between, but I’d run out of room here, so now we need to fast forward to the end of 2011, when my brother told my family and I that he and his beautiful girlfriend Laura (my now sister-in-law!) were engaged.

He told me first, over the phone, and I cried. But then when he was home visiting us for Christmas, my mom was like, “So, which of the boys is gonna be your Best Man?” and my brother was like, “Actually, I was hoping that Andrea would be my Best Man.”

And I was like:


And then I CRIED.

Don’t even get me started on the ceremony. It was so perfect in every way, I can’t even. I’m honestly shocked that there are ANY nice photos of me, because I felt like I was ugly sobbing the whole time. I was choking back scream-sobs during the vows. Guys, I was holding back tears so hard that it made me sweat and I soaked the tissue I had stuffed in my bra for when I started crying during the ceremony.*

(Should have had a back-up plan.)

Definitely one of the best days of my life.
Definitely one of the best days of my life.

Okay, so yes, I’m an emotional mess when people I love get married. That’s normal, right?

But recently things have gone a step further.

Because now one of my BFFs – Jolene – is getting married, and she has asked me to be her MOH.

FYI, that’s Maid of (fucking) Honour in cool wedding acronym speak.

And not only did I cry when she asked me, but I’ve turned into a bit of a SUPERNERD about this wedding. All of a sudden, I want to ask her a bajillion questions about colour schemes, decorations, venues, and dresses. My god, do I ever want to just sit down and have a full discussion about dresses.

I want to start trying on dresses like, a year ago.


I don’t even care, because it makes me crazy happy to see my friends happy.

Lesson learned? I apparently care – no, CARE – about weddings. And I’m cool with that.***


P.S. My other BFF Mandelle is also getting married next year and I am ridiculously excited to attend. I know she’s drowning in plans, but I wish she were getting married tomorrow.

*I’m single, gents!**

**Should I have a complex about the fact that I am the only single one of my BFFs and I?

***When they’re for people I love. I’m still pretty indifferent otherwise. Sorry!