So I was at the gym last night for a Zumba class, and afterward, my friend and I sat down for a quick chat. The table we were at was near a long line of treadmills, and all of them were occupied.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I saw a girl step onto a treadmill that was moving FAST. She obviously didn’t realize that it was moving. She face planted, guys. It made a sound so scary loud I got goose pimples just thinking about how much it hurt.

It was like this, minus any pre-running:



Even more horrifying? The people on the treadmills surrounding her could barely be bothered. They just looked back slightly, unconcerned and maybe even mildly amused. My friend and I had the same immediate response, especially since the girl looked like she couldn’t get up right away.

“Are you okay?!”

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay.” She responded in a small voice. She struggled to stand up.

And then, ringing through the air from the water cooler less than 30 feet away and hanging in the air like laughter at a funeral, I heard a woman saying, “I’m not done.”

I thought I had heard her incorrectly, so I turned to see her. Nope. I had heard correctly. The woman who had gotten off her treadmill for water and left it running at an insanely high speed got closer and repeated herself.

“I’m not done.”

She was deadpan, concerned only about her treadmill.

What is wrong with people?!

The girl who had fallen staggered to her feet and walked to the end of the line, where another treadmill had become available. The water cooler woman resumed her workout.

No apology, no acknowledgement of how dangerous it is to just leave a treadmill running, no, “Oh my God, are you all right?” – just “I’m not done.”

So I guess last night I learned that some people have no compassion/are natural assholes.


P.S. Seriously, though, what is wrong with people?!