Ah yes. Today is the day we’re all supposed to sit back and examine our love lives, right?

No, no, allow me.


Well, there was the master of the girly freak out in Scotland…

The PLEASE KISS ME kisser…

Let’s not forget Batman pjs

Oh, and for good measure, I feel like we all have that guy from relationship past who, immediately after you’re done, grabs you by both shoulders and says something like, “You’re not gonna ruin my life, are you?” or, “Well, I’ve got a big day ahead of me, so…”

And all you can do is laugh a laugh that only you know means, “Thanks for nothing, Jackass!” while he thinks he’s just managed to charm you somehow?



No, seriously.

Happy Valentine’s Day, suckers!


P.S. I am officially one third of the way to 365 days of blogging! It feels like it’s been longer, but probably not as long as it feels to you. If you’re praying for the day I finally shut the fuck up and stop posting links to your Facebook wall, I recommend you pack some snacks* or something! 244 more to go!

*I recommend sesame snaps, to be more specific. Because they are delicious.