Remember my Gym Crush? I mentioned him here, but if you don’t feel like clicking the link (LAZY!), here’s a refresher:

Might as well be a "missed connections" advert.
Might as well be a “missed connections” advert.

The way I just set that up, it probably seems like I’m gonna say, “We totally hooked up!”


He started showing up with a really cute, teensy little Asian girl wearing very little workout gear shortly after I talked about him. One of my girlfriends was like, “Maybe they’re just friends and he’s training her!” So I held onto that hope for a little while. But after seeing them together like, 10-15 times and watching him usher her places via his hand on the small of her back, I was like:

(A.K.A. I was like, “Oh shit,” and then I moved on.)

But the plot thickened!

The other night, I totally saw the guy leaving the gym with a baby mama and TWO KIDS. And I don’t think it was his sister. They looked very familial.

Not cool, Gym Crush.
Not cool, Gym Crush.

Lessons learned:

(A) You can’t judge a crush without ever speaking to them, and

(B) Maybe the gym is the place to juggle all of your affairs. Who knew?


P.S. Totally doesn’t even matter, because:

He's hot.
He’s hot.
And he thinks I'm funny.
And he thinks I’m funny.

(And I’m not gonna give you any context for that last tweet. You can find it if you want it.)