The last couple years, I’ve definitely gone back and forth in my whole, “do I want to have children?” debate. (And I’ve also been like, “Oh dear God – I’m not ready NOW!”)

Don’t worry, I haven’t come to any big conclusions. Heaven forbid. (I am a Libra, after all.)

But this weekend, I did do some babysitting.

I spent Saturday night with my friend’s amazing little two-year-old. I say amazing because she is (A) all kinds of adorable, and (B) frighteningly smart! I was in awe of her the entire night, watching her name shapes, colours, and match patterns. She put puzzles together like a pro. Just crazy. I babysat a child genius, you guys. She’s gonna take over the world soon.

Also, she did this, which was maybe the highlight of my entire evening:

Too. Funny.
Too. Funny.

Bedtime was also HILARIOUS:

Bedtime Tweets
This all happened in a span of 30 minutes.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that before this babysitting gig, I was like, “This will be good for me – I should be around kids more. They’re funny and cute and I like them.”

And that’s true. Kids crack me the hell up.

And they’re especially fun when you get to spend a few hours with them and then go home, avoiding all the tough stuff. Because we all know this:


(Right, Annette?)