Growing up, my brother and I had a radio station.

We didn't start this young, but it's the only kid photo of us that I have on my computer.
We didn’t start this young, but it’s the only kid photo of us that I have on my computer.

And by “radio station.” I mean that we had this weird, old boombox that we could record our voices on. And boy, did we ever!

What did our radio show entail?

Let me tell you.

Our programming, I am pleased to say, was varied. It included:

  • Weather updates
  • Chat shows (between Bryan and I, obviously)
  • Interviews with a number of different guests (played by us), including our dog, Legacy
  • Drumming (freestyle) by Bryan
  • Singing (original songs) by Andrea
  • Rapping (Beastie Boys covers AND originals) by Bryan
  • Interruptions by – and hushed conversations with – our parents

Quality stuff.

I wish you could hear it! (Except not!)

I wish I could find the cassettes…

If I found them, I’d listen, laugh, and then LOCK THEM AWAY.

Anyway, someone was telling me the other day that I was a natural on-stage as a Zumba® instructor, and I totally laughed them off and said, “I’m usually off camera or back stage,” but when I thought back, it hit me:

I’ve been a bit of a ham my whole life.*


P.S. Other jobs I thought I wanted when I was a kid:

  • Veterinarian (until I realized the job involved more than just cuddling cute animals, which I LOVED)
  • Professional violin player (should have stuck with it)
  • Opera singer (uhhh…)

*I’ve also been writing performances for even longer than I thought, which is kind of cool…