Last night, a woman came up to me after class with a big, beautiful smile on her face. She had come in a few minutes late, so she hadn’t been there for my intro in which I ask if it’s anyone’s first time at Zumba®, but as it turns out, it was. And she loved it. I mean she LOVED IT.

“Cross that one off the bucket list – what a blast!” She said between asking me for some tips on how to do certain moves and raving about the class.

We crossed paths again on our way out the front door of the gym. She turned to me again.

“Okay, so do you just go to all of the dances and parties in town?! You must – you’ve got such amazing moves!”

“…Not really…?” I replied, kind of speechless.

“You’re kidding! They should invite you EVERYWHERE! You’re awesome!”

“Oh, geez – you’re making me sound waaaaay cooler than I am!” I said, deflecting her compliment with a joke in true Andrea style.

But you know, after we said goodnight and parted ways, I got to thinking: maybe I should have a social life. I mean, I have a social life, and lots of amazing friends and everything, but I almost never go out. I should probably go out. I’m 26 and you can usually find me at home in the evenings, writing, cuddling my dogs, and watching movies.

But I can be fun! (I think.) I’d like to go out dancing! (Maybe.) I could stay out late doing fun things! (As long as you get me to leave the house before about 9pm, otherwise there’s no turning back.)

Lesson learned: I need to put a little more effort into having fun outside of the house. Who’s with me?