I’m kind of a book snob.

Yes, about the content of books (don’t even get me started on 50 Shades of Grey), but also about books in general. As in I love real, palpable, beautiful, printed-on-paper books. I love the way they look, I love the way they smell, and I love when I find one of my favourite books with a beautiful new cover design, or at a used book store in an edition I’ve never seen before.

I collect books by my favourite authors. My amazing brother helped me reach my goal of owning a book written by Oscar Wilde and published during his lifetime (see: before 1900). My heart still races when I think about it. I also have some amazing editions of Lewis Carrolls Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, including Martin Gardner’s annotated version, which helps Super-Nerds like me learn way too much about the author, the story, and its context.

I have always been pretty anti-e-book.

Until a couple weeks ago.

Okay, really until about six months to a year ago when I downloaded a couple of books onto my iPhone. I found I could read them fairly quickly during random moments, like at the doctor’s office or on breaks at work. But my iPhone’s screen was too small and too bright, so I never got that attached to it.

Then I got a Kobo mini.

The one on the box has a page from Alice in Wonderland on it. MEANT TO BE.
The one on the box has a page from Alice in Wonderland on it. MEANT TO BE.

I had been thinking about getting one, but hadn’t seriously considered it until my friend put one up for sale at a good price and I snapped it up. Guys, it’s perfect. It’s bigger than my iPhone, but still small and portable, and the pages look very much like…well, pages. It doesn’t give me headaches like my iPhone did. And did I mention it’s portable? It fits in my purse. It barely seems bigger than my phone.

I was pretty ashamed of how little I read in 2012. I didn’t keep count, but I think I read less than 10 books in the whole year, which is ridiculous, especially for a writer. Yes, it was an insane year, but that’s no excuse. So I made it one of my New Year’s resolutions to read lots in 2013, and I promised myself I’d read a minimum of one book a month.

It’s been two weeks and I’ve read three books.

I feel happy and hypocritical all rolled into one.

As a writer, I dream of one day holding a book – a real, paper book – with my name on it. I place a crazy amount of value and importance on my current library, and it is still constantly expanding. And yet, here I am, reading a Kobo during every free moment of my days.


Lessons learned:

(A) Never say never.

(B) I’ll always value and love paper books (especially vintage ones), but also…

(C) It’s 2013, so I should also embrace the times a little bit and enjoy the convenience of my Kobo when it suits the situation better than a paper book (like when I’m trying to secret read at work).*

What piece of technology made you cave and say, “FINE. I CHANGED MY MIND.”?

(Just don’t say a Segway. Our friendship would be over.)


P.S. I didn’t get paid to endorse Kobo or anything. I wish!

P.P.S. I should also probably stop being a snob about anything, but I feel like the things I’m snobby about are pretty harmless, so whatever.

*I should also learn how to use my iPhone and figure out how the fuck iCloud works so that I can stop calling it “magic.”