Here’s something you may not know about me: pretty much any time I’m in my car (among other places), I think – no, I know – I am a rockstar. It’s one of the places I go when I want to decompress. I get into my car, turn up the music, drive, and BELT IT OUT.

You know this feeling?

Or this feeling?

That’s my LIFE. Like, every day.

I used to get super embarrassed when I’d be driving and SINGING and I’d pull up to a red light and find that someone was all like:

"What the fuck is wrong with you?"
“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

And I’d get even more embarrassed when someone was all like:

"You're embarrassing yourself."
“You’re embarrassing yourself and it makes me embarrassed for you.”

One day, when I worked at The Mall, I had done a closing shift with my boss and then we both left at the same time. We said our goodbyes, walked to our respective vehicles, and off we went. I had another shift the next morning, and when I arrived, this happened:

BOSS: Hey, I saw you last night.

ME: How do you mean?

BOSS: After we said goodbye, we pulled up to the four-way stop at the same time.

ME: Oh yeah?

BOSS: Yeah, I was trying to say hi to you…

ME: Oh, I totally didn’t notice, sorry.

BOSS: Yeah, you didn’t notice because you were in your car just bobbing your head and your mouth was moving like a mile a minute.

ME: Yeah, I was totally singing.

BOSS: (Like she’s about to laugh) You were in the zone.

ME: …Yup.

But you know what?

Then I realized I DON’T CARE! The car is one of my happy places, and singing at the top of my lungs is one of my happy things, so I absolutely, wholeheartedly embraced it. You can add this to my list of ‘things,’ along with my candy dreams and my crippling fear of ladybugs. I also realized that it totally makes someone’s day to think that they’ve just witnessed someone being a complete nutcase, even when that’s actually just how you are all the time, so I kind of play it up now. If I pull up to a red light and I’m singing and someone’s giving me bitchface about it, I ham it up like crazy. And if there’s a school bus next to my car and it’s full of teenagers who think they’re cool (what losers), I’ll even throw in some Whitney Houston diva arm gestures just to give them a show.

SIDENOTE: And if it’s just a car with a little kid in it who’s giggling and/or amazed at me, I wave and smile or make funny faces. Because I’m a crazy person.

I know what you’re wondering. You’re like, “Andrea, which songs bring this psychopath out of you?”

Pretty much any song.

But yesterday, I discovered my new jam. It’s “Try” by Pink.

I even tweeted about it shortly after my morning drive to work. So if you were following me closely, you may have been able to infer that I was going to blog about it today:

All the feelings.
All the feelings.

Then again, I also tweeted this, so who really knows?

What's up, blood sugar?
What’s up, blood sugar?


Me, in my car yesterday morning went a little something like this…

Where there is DESIRE there is gonna be a FLAAAME
Where there is a FLAME someone’s bound to get BURNED

Embrace your crazy.

You’re welcome.


P.S. It’s very rare that I’ll do this when someone is in the car with me, so start your hidden camera scheming now.