You can never be lonely because you always have company.*

No matter how tired, lazy, or depressed you may be, you always have to get out of the house, even if just for a few minutes.

You’ll never be cold in bed again.

There’s always something to smile/laugh at, whether it’s a funny face, snoring, a fart, or some silly playing that’s going on.

You always have someone to talk to who somehow understands exactly what you need (SPOILER ALERT: the answer is usually a cuddle).

You always get an insanely warm welcome when you get home, thereby feeling like the coolest person in the world. All the time.

Guaranteed kiss on New Year’s Eve.

Two words: unconditional love.

That's Oscar Wilde and Lucille Ball Beça to you...
That’s Oscar Wilde and Lucille Ball Beça to you…

Getting dogs is the best thing I ever did.


*Even when you don’t necessarily want it. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to being watched when you pee.