When I was little, I liked to twirl. I would stand in my living room and twirl for AGES. It was best when I was wearing a dress and I could watch it fan out in the air, moving up and down almost like a wave of water. But it didn’t matter; I’d twirl no matter what I was wearing. I loved watching the world go by and I never got dizzy. I’d just laugh and laugh and laugh until my mom made me stop, either to eat dinner or because watching me was making her dizzy.

It was awesome.

About two weeks ago, a few of my friends and I went to a Zumba class together. Before the class started, we were killing time by dancing to the music that was playing, so I paired up with a friend and we started to salsa. She was leading, and after a few steps, she spun me, then spun me again, then again…and then I had to stop.

It took me like, five minutes to get my bearings back.

So, kids who aren’t reading this, enjoy yourselves, because YOU’RE ONLY YOUNG ONCE. Adults who are reading this, sorry that I just reminded you you’re old. But you are old. Just ask a kid.