And then sometimes you come across something like this:

And you go, oh shit, he is superhuman levels of talented.

And you realize that life should really be about finding that thing you’re superhuman at, that you love so much you can commit yourself to it 250% to refine your craft and skill without burning out, that you can practice and practice and never get sick of, that you can use to move people, help people, inspire people, and inspire yourself.

Once you find that thing, you’ve got to push through all of the barriers – the day jobs, the haters, the I-may-never-make-money-doing-this – and you’ve got to keep going. Because doing what you love is good for your heart, your soul, your everything. I don’t care if that sounds like an after school special; it’s true.

Yesterday, I was feeling bogged down by a lot of barriers. Then I saw Dave Crowe right before going to bed and I slept well knowing I could wake up in the morning and keep pushing.